Why Choose Legacy Stock Transfer

The Advantages Of Hiring Our Stock Transfer Agents

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Reliable Stock Transfer Agents

Our team of reliable transfer agents is committed to providing full support and performance of transfer services whenever you need it.

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Securities Industry Experts

Our transfer agents are leaders in the industry. You can trust that their skills and knowledge will guide you through the industry.

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Customized Stock Solutions

We offer personalized solutions that address common stock transfer needs. Our extensive client base always found a service that fits their company requirements.

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Free 24/7 Online Account Access

We leverage cutting-edge technology with secure data centers to hold shareholder information you can access online at any time.

We strive to meet all of our client’s needs including obtaining a CUSIP number, setting up a new class stock, and other services relevant to issuers and client information.

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Issuers / Client

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We assist shareholders in managing their stocks such as transferring certificates, replacing lost or stolen certificates, and other shareholder requests.

We help privately held companies the same way we manage and maintain the shareholder records of publicly traded companies.

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Private Companies

What We Do

Transfer Agent Services

With the ever-changing regulations imposed on public and private companies, it’s essential to hire transfer agents with in-depth understanding of the funds industry. Legacy Stock Transfer offers transfer agent services that suit your operational needs.

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Maintaining Corporate Shareholder Records

Our team will handle all safekeeping of corporate shareholder records by providing certificate history, maintaining stock classes, updating account and contact information, and providing broker and shareholder support.

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Issuance of New Certificates

You never have to worry about keeping track of your shareholders’ new certificates as we use an electronic method to record securities ownership and issue new certificates. This service saves you time and money.

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Custom Stock Reporting

Whatever stock report you need, we can provide it! Our custom stock reporting includes transfer reports, control logs, shareholder lists, percentage reports, and custom stock certificates.

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Printing of New Certificates

We provide printing of new stock certificates that details the shareholders name, number of shares, date of issuance, and names and tiles of signers. This also includes logo integration and holographic security foil with border style and color choices.

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Annual Meeting & Proxy Services

We act as your proxy agent on annual meetings and take care of all proxy materials, tabulations, and certifications. We also serve as Inspector of Elections to help coordinate the success of your meeting.

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Direct Registration System

Instead of a physical certificate, we hold the shares in book-entry form through the Direct Registration System. We’ll provide you with a DRS statement as evidence of your security ownership.

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DTC Eligibility

We’ll help you comply with DTC eligibility requirements so you are allowed for electronic transfers and deposits. This facilitates smooth and efficient management of your stock ownerships.

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Legacy Stock Transfer is a participant in the Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) program. Once we’ve obtained your DTC eligibility, we can apply for your FAST eligibility as well as for DWAC transfers.

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Obtaining CUSIP Numbers

Companies who desire to trade securities in the stock market need to obtain a CUSIP number, which can be a tedious process. Legacy Stock Transfer can get you a CUSIP number so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Restriction Removal

Facilitating removals of restrictions can be tricky. If you own a stock in a fully reporting non-shell company for over 12 months, contact Legacy Stock Transfer to help remove restricted legends on your certificate.

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Shareholder Mailings

We provide communication services which include mailing shareholders copies of annual reports, audited financial statements, dividend and distribution notices, and proxy materials.

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Stock Splits

When a company does a stock split or dividend, our role as your transfer agent is to ensure that new shares are recorded and new certificates will be issued to rightful owners.

Looking For a Stock Transfer Agency Providing Shareholder Solutions?

Legacy Stock Transfer is more than just your regular stock transfer agency, we have a team of relationship management experts that offer shareholder solutions for both issuers and investors.
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Your Stock Transfer Partner
A Full-Service Stock Transfer Agent

A good stock transfer agent is invaluable to public and private companies, especially in maintaining a positive relationship with shareholders. At Legacy Stock Transfer, you’ll find not just a full-service transfer agent, but a partner who truly understands your business and is fully engaged in creating customized stock transfer solutions that drive your company forward.

Who We Are

A Reliable Stock Transfer Agent

Family-owned and operated since 1996, Legacy Stock Transfer is a full-service stock transfer company committed to the highest standards and quality, offering both professional and personalized services to our clients and their shareholders.

Legacy Stock Transfer, Inc. is a registered transfer agent with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as a member of the Securities Transfer Association. We are a recognized transfer agent with the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, authorized to transfer securities utilizing the DWAC, FAST and DRS systems as well as through physical stock certificates.

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Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Legacy Stock Transfer delivers unparalleled transfer agent services. They are very competent and professional. We are satisfied with how they handle our firm’s stock transfer needs. We highly recommend their service!

    Chris L.
  • Having been in the stock industry for decades, I can say that Legacy Stock Transfer is one of the very few transfer agent companies that really knows their job. They have proven this when they resolved in a timely manner a complex stock registration issue we encountered. It’s been a pleasure working with their transfer agents.

    Vince J.
  • We’ve been a happy and satisfied client of Legacy Stock for over 5 years now. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and quick to respond. We never had a single problem with them since hiring their transfer agent services.

    Ann C.
How We Work

Working With Legacy Stock Transfer

With the ever-changing regulations imposed on public and private companies, it’s essential to hire transfer agents with in-depth understanding of the funds industry. Legacy Stock Transfer offers transfer agent services that suit your operational needs.

Consult With Us

Get in touch with our expert team so we can assess your company needs and prepare a detailed plan of the shareholder management service we will provide.

Perform Services

You will have an appointed transfer agent to manage your company’s stock transfer, handle shareholder information, and other deliverables.

Guidance & Support

Receive continuous updates and guidance on how to make better use of the platform and the solutions we offer.

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