About Us

Family-owned and operated full-service stock transfer agent

A Full Service Stock Transfer Agent Within Reach

As a family-owned and operated business, our company offers personalized services that cater to the needs of our clients and shareholders, whom we treat like family.

By combining a people-centered team with our modern business technology, we are able to offer first-rate quality services at a rate small businesses and medium enterprises can afford.

Our goal is simple: Help all businesses, no matter the size and type, succeed through accessible stock service solutions.

Our Core Values

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Deep Relationships

We take our partnership seriously so we strive for personal and positive interactions with your shareholders, clients, and employees. It also means our team members make themselves accountable for every account they handle. You are our priority and we are committed to keeping it that way by nurturing a relationship based on trust, honesty, and transparency.

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Value Added Services

Our clients trust us because of the services and support we provide consistently over the years. We are focused on delivering tailored solutions to stock transfer problems without the hefty cost that others charge. Not only will you get the value for your money, you also gain access to our extensive skills, experience, and knowledge in the industry.

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True Industry Leaders

At Legacy Stock Transfer, you get a full-service stock transfer agent with comprehensive solutions and eagerness to help you power through industry changes and additional regulations. We bring a depth of understanding on stock transfers, implement efficient programs, and create services that address various business needs and requirements.

Our Mission

To be the transfer agent most known for its quality service, personalized solutions, and fair prices. Our goal is to support our clients through innovative technology and industry expertise. With our strength, we will help clients streamline operations, manage multi-channel communications, comply with regulations, and provide stakeholder satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be on the forefront of the latest stock transfer programs while reducing the fees paid by our clients. We seek to be the best partner our clients and their shareholders can have. We also aspire to grow our client base by establishing a firm position in the securities industry as a leading company in stock transfer agency services.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • Legacy Stock Transfer is hands-down the best stock transfer agent. Their communication etiquette is commendable. We appreciate how they walk us through the process and handle all services with ease.

    Capital Partners
  • I have worked with Legacy Stock Transfer for several years and they are nothing short of amazing. They provided support to comply with all requirements and have handled our documents in a very organized manner.

    Company President
  • The people at Legacy Stock Transfer are truly capable and knowledgeable in the stock transfer industry. They also have great character and we value the partnership with the agent assigned to us. We never had problems on all our service requests. Kudos!

    Corporate Secretary

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By carrying the industry’s best practices and bringing in the latest tech on stock transfer, Legacy Stock Transfer can take your business to a new level!