DWAC/ FAST Services

Once you obtain DTC eligibility, you can now apply for electronic eligibility. In addition to the Direct Registration System, Legacy Stock Transfer facilitates your electronic eligibility for DWAC/FAST systems. These programs allow your shareholders to hold securities in electronic forms rather than a physical certificate.

We work directly with DTC, which grants us full access to all DTC-related services. After over 25 years in the industry, you can be confident that our solution ensures a seamless and expedited process for DWAC/FAST eligibility applications.

Connect with us, and let’s discuss how you can comply with DWAC/FAST eligibility.


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DWAC stands for Deposit and Withdrawal at Custodian, while FAST means Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program. DWAC is one way of transferring shares between brokers or dealers and the DTCC. Both programs enable investors to hold securities in Legacy Stock Transfer’s registered book-entry form. DWAC System requires a Medallion Signature Guarantee Stock Powers.

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DRS is the system that allows such transfers and record keeping. Instead of a physical certificate, Legacy Stock Transfer keeps a record system that documents all transfers and holds securities in book-entry form. The holders of securities in DRS have the same privileges and rights as holders of physical certificate forms.

Why Do You Need To Be DWAC/FAST Eligible?


The costs associated with printing and mailing physical certificates can be expensive, especially when you have thousands of shareholders. Shareholders can also save on fees from lost stock certificates and replacement charges.

Reduced Risk

Since shares are transferred immediately to a brokerage account, there’s low risk of certificates being lost or stolen in the mail. It’s also easier to account for all certificate ownerships because you can record the same real-time.

Quick & Convenient

DWAC stock transfers reduce time on transferring stock deposits into brokerage accounts from weeks to hours, or even a few minutes. This system is attractive to many potential investors since it’s easier for them to monitor transfers.

In order to expedite your DWAC/FAST Application, we suggest you do and prepare the following:

Verify if shares are free trading or eligible for restriction removal.
Ensure complete and timely reports.
Limit corporate actions and officer changes for the last 3-5 years.
Check if any of your officers are involved in lawsuits. If so, prepare a detailed explanation.
Avoid unregistered resales or Reg 504D issuances.
Review “halt” or “yield” statuses by updating OTC Markets.

Requirements For DWAC/FAST Application

How We Work

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Complete Application Form

Comply all the requirements for DWAC FAST Eligibility and fill out the application form. We will guide you throughout the process to ensure your application is solid for eligibility.

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We Submit Your Application

We will double-check the details and requirements of your application prior to submitting. DTC then reviews your application within 7-10 days.

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You're DWAC/FAST Eligible!

Enjoy your new status as DWAC FAST Eligible! Once approved, we can now start processing any electronic transfers of securities ownership.

Let Legacy Stock assist your company in obtaining approval for DWAC/FAST eligibility. Contact us for a seamless application process.