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Full-Service Agent With Strong Client Relationships

As a family-owned business, Legacy Stock Transfer offers the highest level of personalized experiences combined with full-service transfer agent capabilities. Our team will treat you like you’re part of our family, and will build a strong relationship with you. We have reliable, cutting-edge technology to support the services we offer, from issuing and transferring certificates to maintaining all your book entries and records.

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Top Industry Stock Transfer Agents

As a full-service stock transfer agent, Legacy Stock Transfer, Inc. strives to meet all of our client’s needs. Our client/issuer solutions include the following:

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Maintaining Corporate Shareholder Records

The technology we use at Legacy Stock Transfer allows for seamless transactions between our clients, their shareholders, and the stock brokerage companies. Our platform makes it easy for us to manage book entries, track ownership, and store stockholder information. We also handle all issuance of new and lost certificates and DWAC and FAST transfer services.

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Compliance & Other Corporate Actions

Are you listed on national exchange or over the counter markets? Need help in corporate actions? Apart from obtaining new CUSIP numbers and handling stock splits (forward and reverse), our team can help with other corporate actions to ensure that name changes, stock splits, and dividends are processed in a timely manner and have complied with regulations.

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Meeting & Proxy Services

Our team are experts in delivering exceptional proxy agent and annual meeting services for years. We are knowledgeable in the SEC rules and regulations so you can trust that we always have your best interest at heart. As your proxy agent, we’ll take care of your proxy materials, proxy mailings, and annual meetings so you don’t have to worry about these things.


Navigate the Securities Industry Confidently

With our extensive knowledge base, skills, and expertise, you can rest easy that your company stays compliant and your shareholders happy and satisfied with our stockholder management operations.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We leverage modern technology to keep your shareholder data securely stored. By investing in cutting edge software, we perform our duties smoothly. From record keeping to handling shareholder relationships – you can trust that our team is always on top of everything.

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Experienced Agents

We’ve navigated and conquered the path of stock management and securities compliance. We’re proud to still be one of the more trusted transfer agents in the world today. Our team is made up of dynamic leaders who can confidently guide you through this complex industry.

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Relationship Managers

Like we always say, we’re more than just your transfer agents, we are relationship managers who provide customized solutions to all our clients and their shareholders. We are committed to developing deep relationships that promote trust and loyalty in issuer-shareholder relations.

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