Private Companies


Customized Support That Boosts Investor Confidence

Are you a private company that still assigns your shareholder recordkeeping responsibility to an employee? Without proper employee training on transfer agent services for private companies, this set-up may negatively impact your process and investor relations. Legacy Stock Transfer fills in the gap with expert transfer agent services.

We utilize cutting edge shareholder management software to provide an accurate record of your investors, their equity, and other information. We also offer full-service support to help you stay compliant while managing your securities. For any private company that has worked with us, partnering with Legacy Stock Transfer is the best decision they ever made. It should be yours too!


Top Stock Transfer Agents

Our integrated stock transfer full service offer the following benefits:

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Legal Expertise

Whether it be the SEC, OFAC rules, IRS cost basis, DRS, and DWAC/FAST systems, our team is knowledgeable and updated with all the requirements and rules necessary for transfer agent services. This only means one thing – we can guide and handle your transactions in a smooth and compliant manner.

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Cost Efficient

Mistakes in securities management are costly. By hiring our team, not only do you get the value for your money, you also enjoy reduced pricing compared to other online tools. Our electronic system also allows for paperless stock certificates, eliminating costs on printing, shipping, and storage.

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Digital Platform

Recordkeeping is more convenient with a digital platform integrated with features and tools for stock issuances, investor management, SEC and state filings, and other shareholder service requests. With its safety feature and 24/7 online account access, you can monitor your stock ownership any time of the day, giving you peace of mind.


Go Public Safely and Smoothly

Legacy Stock Transfer, Inc. is able to assist privately held companies maintain their shareholder records and with taking their company public. We offer many of the same services to privately held companies as we do to publicly traded companies, including:

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Maintaining Corporate Shareholder Records

Our team handles recordkeeping and maintenance of all shareholder records in its prescribed form.

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Issuance of New Certificates

We complete all requests for issuance of new or lost certificates, whether in electronic form or printed form.

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Custom Stock Certificates

Need stock certificates and other documents pertaining to securities ownership? We customize according to your needs.

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Printing of New Certificates

Your shareholders can directly communicate with us for any requests of printing new certificates.

Ready to Go Public?

Our full-service stock transfer agent can help with the transition. With our technical know-how, you’ll get full access to our modern platforms and experienced team of relationship managers. Check out our New Client Package below or contact us for any concerns.