Shareholder Communication

If you need help with shareholder communication or mailings, Legacy Stock Transfer can assist you. With more than 25 years of experience, we have already understood the ropes of the business. To be able to serve our clients for that long demonstrates the quality of our service.

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As your transfer agent, we can address and mail all communication from your company to your shareholders. This includes reports, dividend and distribution notices, and proxy materials for the meetings. Additionally, we prepare shareholder lists and even act as inspectors of elections at meetings.

Hiring Legacy Stock Transfer proves to be a wise investment, as seen by our clients. Our team will keep a definitive record pertaining to your company’s shares. With us, we can help you communicate information to your shareholders, ensuring more solid operations for your business.

We Ensure Transparent Communication

Without transparent communication, your shareholders are blindsided and have no way of knowing if the company is fulfilling their duties. It is a must that you keep the lines of communication open as this can also further cement your relationships with shareholders. This is also key to further growing your operations.

We’re one of the best companies to handle the job for you. Reach out to us, and we’ll talk about your requirements.

We Help You Gain Shareholder’s Trust

At Signature Stock Transfer, we can help you clearly communicate information with your shareholders. This prevents them from overly thinking about the short term, and trying to question your company’s decisions.

Working with various companies, we have already understood the best ways to communicate with your shareholders.

Why Hire Us for Your Shareholder Communication?

Choosing a company that can handle all your shareholder communication requirements can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have everything you need at Legacy Stock Transfer. Here are the reasons why companies trust us.

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We Have Knowledgeable Professionals

Our team understands SEC rulings and state regulations. Our knowledge is fine-tuned whenever new updates exist in the protocols and systems. With this, we guarantee that both our clients and ourselves are always 100% compliant.

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Highly Dependable and Detail-Oriented

Our company became successful due to the quality of work we provide our clients. By hiring us for your shareholder communication, we see to it that every detail is thoroughly checked. We understand that whatever you send to your shareholders reflects your business and has to be 100% precise.

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Fast Turnaround Time

When it comes to shareholder communication, we believe that every second counts. Our team ensures that everyone involved is aware of the tight deadlines. We work double time, if necessary, to send out the information to key stakeholders.

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Commendable Customer Service

While we’ve already made a mark in the industry because of our technical expertise, many clients appreciate our outstanding customer service. We want you to feel heard whenever you have requirements for your shareholder communication, and our experts will genuinely listen and follow your instructions.

How Can Legacy Stock Transfer Help You With Shareholder Communication?

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To Focus on the Company’s Business Strategy

To give further confidence to your shareholders, we remind our clients to provide them with a detailed plan of your business whenever they send out communication.

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To Provide Relevant Updates

We also tell our clients to send valuable information to the shareholders, including analyses on performance, the company’s position in the industry, the outlook for the next period, and industry trends.

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To Avoid Using Legal Jargon

We always remind clients to know the audience and write the message in a way that is understandable for most of the readers.

If you need assistance with shareholder mailings or communications, our experts are here to help. Reach out to us, and we can have a confidential chat.