Shareholder Registry Services

Trusted Firm for Shareholder Records

Legacy Stock Transfer can help you with your shareholder registry needs. With more than 25 years of experience under our belts, we have already mastered the ropes of the business. To be able to thrive for more than two decades is already a feat on its own, and demonstrates the quality of service we provide to our clients. If you wish to deal with a trusted company, reach out to us today.

As your transfer agent, we can keep a record of your shareholders and update it as necessary. This includes the name, address, share classes, and the number of shares owned. We ensure that every record we keep is 100% accurate.

Most of our clients believe that hiring us is a wise investment. We can take a load of responsibilities from your team so you can focus more on your core operations. If you wish to retrieve your shareholder records, we can provide it to you right away.

Why Do You Need Help with Shareholder Registry?

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Keeps Your Shareholder Registry Updated

A shareholder registry is critical for any company. This is the list of all active and previous owners of shares. The company needs to update the shareholder register regularly to ensure accuracy. Legacy Stock Transfer is one of the best companies that can handle the task for you.

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We Do More Than Basic Record-Keeping

At Legacy Stock Transfer, we understand that a shareholder registry is more than just a record of basic information. It should also detail possible restrictions, relevant citations, and a clear record of beneficial owners of shares. This makes it clearer for all parties involved which shareholders may exercise voting rights attached to the shares.

Why Hire Us for Your Shareholder Registry?

It’s crucial that you choose a company that can efficiently handle your shareholder registry. Great news because we have everything you need at Legacy Stock Transfer. Below are the reasons why several companies entrust us with their shareholder records.

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We Have Highly Knowledgeable Experts

We guarantee that our professionals thoroughly understand SEC rulings and state regulations. If there are updates on the systems and protocols, our team is always informed. This means that whatever we implement is according to the best practices, making us 100% compliant.

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Accurate and Dependable

Over the years, we’ve proven our quality of work has made us one of the most trusted firms in the industry. If you hire our team to work on your shareholder records, we guarantee that every detail is thoroughly checked. We believe that being meticulous with our work is key to avoiding possible mishaps.

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Highly Transparent

We are transparent with our clients, and this is one of the reasons they choose us over our competitors. If there are discrepancies, we explain it right away. With our experience, we can easily spot inconsistencies. As your transfer agent, it is our duty to make sure that you have clean shareholder records.

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Quick Turnaround

When it comes to shareholder registry, we understand that every second is important. When a task is given to us, we ensure that it’s done as fast as possible, without jeopardizing any information. Our company has the right people to get the job done efficiently.

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Impressive Customer Service

We’ve thrived in the industry not only for our technical expertise, but also because of our outstanding customer service. We want you to understand that you are heard, and whatever special instructions you provide will be followed.

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Affordable Packages

At Legacy Stock Transfer, we provide premium services at a reasonable cost. We are the perfect choice for all types of businesses, regardless of the scale. If you are interested in our shareholder registry services, give us a call and we can help you organize your files right away.

If you need assistance with your shareholder records, our professional team can assist you. Call us so we can discuss your requirements