Certificate Of Stock Ownership Issuance

Legacy Stock Transfer has been providing stock certificate issuance service for more than 25 years. To be able to thrive for that long speaks a lot about the quality of service we provide. If you are looking for a reputable team that will do the job for you, just give us a call. Our years of experience and outstanding professionals have been our advantage in the industry.

We’ll Help You Stay Organized

One of our core objectives is to help your company become more organized by maintaining the records of your shareholders and providing related services such as issuing stock certificates. We want you to focus on growing your business while we keep your documents sorted out.

We believe that hiring Legacy Stock Transfer is a wise investment for your company. We will keep a definitive record of your shareholders, as we understand that poor recordkeeping can jeopardize your entire operations and can cause a nightmare for your business.

Why Do You Need Our Help for Certificate Issuance?

A stock certificate is a legal document that certifies the shareholder’s rights over the company’s stocks. Today, many companies still hire request Legacy Stock Transfer this particular service, especially for transferring shares and new issuance. 

Transferring Shares

This occurs when an existing shareholder transfers the rights to a different shareholder. The original owner may either choose to sell the partial holdings or the entirety of it, and the original certificate will be cancelled.

New Issuance

This is required when a company issues new shares to its new shareholders. It could be in the form of electronic or paper certificates.

How Can Legacy Stock Transfer Help You Issue New Stock Certificates?

We cannot emphasize the importance of accuracy in corporate stock certificates. With Legacy Stock Transfer, you do not have to worry about even the tiniest details. We’ll make sure that the most important information is indicated in the new stock certificates. We will double-check the following information:

  • Serial number of a stock certificate
  • Date of issue
  • Company’s complete name and registered address
  • Company’s registration number
  • Asset class, number of shares, buying price of shares
  • Stock restrictions
  • Name and contact details of the shareholder
  • Company seal

If you need assistance with your corporate stock certificates, our experts are here to help. Just reach out to us, and we can have a confidential discussion about your requirements.

Legacy Stock Transfer Pro Tip

After issuing the new certificates, we encourage you to keep a copy of it, placed in a different location. This can help you request for a new certificate quickly in case you lose it.