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Secure, Stable Infrastructure

The software we use is backed by a secure shared ledger that stores and protects all data, including digital asset securities, book-entry shares, and shareholder information.

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Reduced Risks And Liability

Our system is kept on a secure server and can only be accessed by authorized agents which lowers the possibility of unverified transactions. 

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Reliable Team And System

Our team delivers the highest standard of professionalism and service as well as an efficient system that assumes management of all stock transfer administrative and transactional tasks.


Streamline Your Shareholder Management Tasks

Our stock transfer agents help simplify your stock management duties by taking work like certificate issuance and record keeping off your hands. We offer transfer agent solutions that help keep you compliant and help nurture a transparent relationship with your clients.

Ultimately, Legacy Stock Transfer is here to improve efficiency and enhance client relationships so you can have peace of mind and be confident of a streamlined process.

Stock Transfer Administration95%
Dynamic Reporting100%
Operational Efficiency90%
Customer Relations97%

Manage Your Shareholder Relations

We’re more than just your stock transfer agent. When you sign on as a client, you are assigned with a relationship manager that serves as a single point of contact for all things related to your stock transfer data. Here’s how we can build and strengthen client relationships:


A team of top industry talents will work alongside you to understand your business at a deeper level, learning and researching about your goals and objectives. Your transfer agent will then customize solutions that address the needs of your company and offer guidance as you walk through key areas of stock management. Your transfer agent may also act as your exchange agent, proxy agent, mailing agent, and tender agent.

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Your shareholders can approach the same team of relationship managers assigned to your business for all requests regarding their shares, from new certificate issuance to reissuance of lost, stolen, or destroyed certificates. We handle all inquiries that your shareholders may have on their ownership. We also keep a shareholder registry that holds all information of active owners and is updated regularly.

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Private Companies

As your private company transfer agent, we’ll act as the liaison between you and your investors. Not only do we handle record keeping and issuance of new securities certificates, we also manage payment of distributions to your shareholders and provide support for both you as the issuer and the investors. You can trust that when we do our job, we do it accurately and in a timely manner to maintain your investors’ confidence.

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How We Differ From Other Transfer Agencies

We empower issuers, both publicly traded and private companies, with an efficient digital stock management system and excellent customer service to nurture deep client connections. Contact us to learn more.


Valued Added Solutions That Scale With You

As a full-service stock transfer agency, Legacy Stock Transfer is equipped and skilled to provide a wide range of transfer agent services that address the need for a competent and organized agent. We also invest in digital solutions to support our clients’ business growth and give them an edge to thrive in a complex industry with stringent regulations.

Our team offers the following transfer agency services, which can be tailored to suit your operational needs:

Together, Let’s Make Your Shareholders Happy!

We’ll do the tedious tasks so you can focus on other priorities.
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